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Xu Yuhua

Country China
Born 29 October 1976
Jinhua, Zhejiang, China
Title Grandmaster (2006)
Woman Grandmaster (2001)
Women's World Champion 2006-08
Peak rating 2517 (April 2006)

Xu Yuhua (simplified Chinese: 许昱华; traditional Chinese: 許昱華; pinyin: Xǔ Yùhua; born 29 October 1976) is a Chinese chess Grandmaster and former Women's World Champion (2006-2008). She is China's third women's world chess champion after Xie Jun and Zhu Chen.

On March 25, 2006 she won the Women's World Chess Championship knock-out tournament in Ekaterinburg, Russia, defeating Russian IM Alisa Galliamova in the final by taking 2.5 points on the third game of a four-game-match for the title. The knockout event had 64 participants, with both former world champion Zhu Chen and reigning world champion Antoaneta Stefanova. Xu was three months pregnant at the time. She became China's 22nd Grandmaster by winning the Women's World Chess Championship 2006.

She won the 2nd FIDE Women Grand Prix, Nanjing, 27 September - 9 October 2009.

Xu Yuhua plays for Zhejiang chess club in the China Chess League (CCL).

She is a law graduate.


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