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Nikolai Zubarev

Nikolai (Nikolay) Zubarev (10 January 1894 - January 1951) was a Russian chess master.

During World War I, he won ahead of Peter Yurdansky at Moscow 1915, and tied for 4-5th at Moscow 1916. After the war, he won twice Moscow City Chess Championship in 1927 and 1930. He also took 5th in 1919/20 (Alexander Alekhine won), took 3rd in 1920 (Josef Cukierman won), shared 6th in 1922/23 (Nikolai Grigoriev won), tied for 12-13th in 1925 (Aleksandr Sergeyev won), took 2nd behind Abram Rabinovich in 1926, tied for 5-6th in 1928 (Boris Verlinsky won), shared 6th in 1929 (Vasily Panov won), all in Moscow-ch, and took 21st in the Moscow 1925 chess tournament (Efim Bogoljubow won).

He participated several times in USSR Chess Championship; tied for 11-12th at Moscow 1920 (Alekhine won), took 10th at Petrograd 1923 (Peter Romanovsky won), tied for 11-13th at Leningrad 1925 (Bogoljubov won), took 4th at Odessa 1929 (quarter final), and took 18th at Leningrad 1933 (Mikhail Botvinnik won).

Awarded the International Master title in 1950, and the International Arbiter in 1951.