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Michael Wiedenkeller

Michael Wiedenkeller at the 40th Chess Olympiad, Istanbul 2012
Country Sweden
Born 10 January 1963
Title International Master (1984)
Peak rating 2479 (August 2013)

Michael Wiedenkeller (born 10 January 1963) is a Swedish-Luxembourgian chess International Master.

He won the 1985/86 Rilton Cup in Stockholm. In 1990, Wiedenkeller won the Swedish Chess Championship. In 1999, he tied for second with Vlastimil Jansa in the Donne Haas Memorial in Luxembourg. In 2008, Wiedenkeller became Luxembourgian rapid chess champion.

He transferred from the Swedish Chess Federation to the Luxembourgian Chess Federation in 2010. Wiedenkeller played for Luxembourg in the Chess Olympiads of 2010, 2012 and 2014.

In 2014, Wiedenkeller won the inaugural European Small Nations Individual Championship (FIDE Zone 1.10 Championship) in Larnaca, Cyprus. This achievement earned him one of the five FIDE president's nominations for the Chess World Cup 2015. He was knocked out in the first round by Levon Aronian.

In 2015, Wiedenkeller helped the Luxembourg team to win the 4th European Small Nations Team Chess Championship in Saint Peter Port, Guernsey scoring 7 points out of 8 games on second board.

According to Chessmetrics, at his peak in October 1984 Wiedenkeller's play was equivalent to a rating of 2589, and he was ranked number 159 in the world. His best single performance was at Eksjö 1983, where he scored 4.5 of 5 possible points (90%) against 2488-rated opposition, for a performance rating of 2626.