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Marta Michna

Marta Michna in 2013 (Warsaw)
Country Poland
Born 30 January 1978
Głogów, Poland
Title Woman Grandmaster (1999)
Peak rating 2430 (01.10.2002)

Marta Michna (born 30 January 1978), née Zielińska, is a Poland born chess player who won the Polish Women's Chess Championship in 2003. FIDE Woman Grandmaster (1999). Since 2007 she representative of Germany.

Chess career

Marta Michna became interested in chess at the age of eight. In 1990s she was one of the leading Polish youth chess player. She won European Youth Chess Championship (U-18) in 1995 in Verdun and World Youth Chess Championship (U-18) in 1996 in Cala Galdana.

In the Polish Women's Chess Championship's finals Marta Michna won six medals: gold (2003), silver (2002) and 4 bronze (1994, 1996, 1998, 2000).

In 2000s Marta Michna participated in Women's World Chess Championship by knock-out system:

Marta Michna played for Poland and Germany in Women's Chess Olympiads:

Marta Michna played for Poland and Germany in European Team Chess Championship:

Personal life

At the end of the 1990s Marta had a relationship with Alexei Shirov, with whom she has a daughter Masha. In 2006 she married FIDE Master (FM) Christian Michna (born 1972) and since 2007 in the international arena represented Germany. She lives in Hamburg and has three children - Masha, Mateusz and Milosz.