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Josef Noa

Joseph Noa (21 October 1856, Nagybecskerek - 1 June 1903, Budapest) was a Hungarian chess master.

He was a judge by profession. Although an amateur he played in a number of tournaments throughout the 1880s and 1890s and defeated some of the famous players of his time. In 1880, he took 8th in Graz (Adolf Schwarz, Miksa Weiss and Johannes von Minckwitz won). In 1881, he took 15th in Berlin (2nd DSB Congress; Joseph Henry Blackburne won). In 1882, he took 17th in Vienna (Wilhelm Steinitz and Szymon Winawer won). In 1883, he took 11th in London (Johannes Zukertort won). In 1885, he took 15th in Hamburg (4th DSB Congress; Isidor Gunsberg won). In 1887, he took 13th in Hamburg (5th DSB Congress; George Henry Mackenzie won). In 1892, he tied for 14-15th in Dresden (7th DSB Congress; Siegbert Tarrasch won). In 1896, he took 12th in Budapest (Mikhail Chigorin and Rudolf Charousek won).