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Boris Avrukh

Full name Boris Avrukh
Country Israel
Born February 10, 1978
Karaganda, Kazakhstan
Title Grandmaster
Peak rating 2668 (September 2009)

Boris Leonidovich Avrukh (Hebrew: בוריס ליאונידוביץ' אברוך‎; Russian: Борис Леонидович Аврух; born 10 February 1978, Karaganda, Kazakhstan, former Soviet Union) is an Israeli chess grandmaster. He was the World Under-12 champion in 1990.

He has played for Israel six times in Chess Olympiads.

He won individual gold medal at Elista 1998 and bronze medal at Turin 2006. He won a team silver medal at Dresden 2008.

In 1999, he tied for 5-6th with Alexander Huzman in Tel Aviv (Boris Gelfand, Ilia Smirin, and Lev Psakhis won). In 2000, he tied for 1st-2nd with Huzman in Biel and took 6th in Haifa (Wydra Tournament; Viswanathan Anand won). In 2001, he won in Biel. In 2004, he tied for 8-9th in Beer Sheva Rapid (Viktor Korchnoi won). In 2009 he tied for first with Alexander Areshchenko in the Zurich Jubilee Open tournament.

Avrukh has twice won the Israeli Chess Championship; in 2000 (tied with Alik Gershon) and 2008. He took part in the FIDE World Chess Championship 2002, but was knocked out in the first round by Bartłomiej Macieja.

Avrukh has also published several books, including The Classical Slav.