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Strip Poker

This is a card game that some people like to talk about or imagine, but is probably not so often really played. The basic idea is to play a game of poker in which the losers have to remove items of clothing.

There are a number of different ways in which this can be organised.

  1. Play a game of poker without betting - maybe draw poker with a showdown after everyone has drawn the cards they need. The player with the worst hand (or maybe every player except the winner) must remove an item of clothing. This version is described in more detail on the Sunshine Nudist Club site.
  2. Poker with betting. The levels of bet are various combinations of truth, dares and removal of clothing. Again, details can be found on the Sunshine Nudist Club site.
  3. Play poker in which each player has a limited supply of chips. Anyone who runs out of chips has to remove an item of clothing to buy more. This version could be rather slow in real life, but it is the basis of several Strip Poker computer programs.
  4. Another version of Strip Poker is the basis of an American television show. It is played between two teams, two men against two women. The teams take turns to ask each other questions: if a team answers correctly they choose one of two cards to add to their hand; the other team gets the other card and removes an item of clothing. Here is a more detailed description from Wikipedia. From 2001 until late 2003, Finland's Subtv had a similar program called Räsypokka, hosted by Jaajo Linnonmaa. Unlike the US version of the game, the Finns allowed complete nudity on their show. I am told that hundreds of pictures from Räsypokka are available in the stripgameshows Yahoo! Group.

With Video Poker software and on-line games, you play poker against the computer or on-line server. Your reward, if you win, is to see the model against whom you are playing progressively unclothed.

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