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Card games in Romania

The standard 52 card French suited pack is in general use. The suits are known as treflă or cruce (clubs), caro (diamonds), cupă or inimă (hearts) and pică (spades). The king is called rege or popă, the queen damă and the jack juvete, valet or (slang) juve.

32 card German suited packs of the William Tell design are also generally available. The suits are ghindă (acorns), verde (leaves), roşu (hearts) and duba (bells); The king is called pătrar or cal (horse, since the king is mounted in this pattern), the upper jack is treiar (three, since in many games it is worth 3 points) and the lower jack doiar (two, because often worth 2 points).

Popular games include:

Attila Ördög has provided some information about card games played in Transylvania (Erdély, Ardeal). Prior to 1920 this region was part of Hungary and in it several aspects of Hungarian culture are preserved, including some card games. Most of these games use the 32-card William Tell pack; these cards are known here as magyar kártya (Hungarian cards).

A few people play a special version of Tarok, using the Austrian 54-card French suited Tarok pack. In most parts of the country it is not very well-known, but it thrives in the Suceava region in the north-east of the country.

Tile Rummy is played with a set of 106 numbered wooden tiles.

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