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Neighbor (Neighbour) Games

It is confusing that some card games have several different names. When one name is applied to many different games, the confusion is much greater, particularly for a web site like this one, in which people often try to find the rules of a card game by looking up its name.

One of the worst cases of this kind of confusion is with the name **** Your Neighbor, for example 'Screw Your Neighbor'. The '****' word for what you do to your neighbor can be more or less unpleasant or obscene, depending on where the game is played and what kind of name people find appropriate or amusing. Outside the USA, the spelling will of course usually be 'Neighbour' rather than 'Neighbor'.

The various forms of the name **** Your Neighbor are used for virtually any game containing an element of competition, so that what you do might damage another player's position. For example, I have come across Screw Your Neighbor and similar names for versions of the following games:

You will see that these games are of entirely different types. It is possible that in some regions similar names are in use for yet other types of game - if so let us know and I will add them to the list.

I should also mention that apart from the above games, there is a popular British children's game called Beggar My Neighbour.