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This game for 4 to 10 players is described in several 20th century British card game books. It is a Marriage game of the type where each marriage declaration sets a new trump suit, as in the East European game 1000 and the Finnish game Marjapussi, and Pip-Pip is presumably based on some continental game of this type.

The cards have the usual 11-10-4-3-2 point values for this family of games, but the top cards of each suit are the Two (worth 11 points) and Ace (10 points) instead of the Ace and Ten respectively. All marriage declarations score 50 points.

The larger than usual number of players is accommodated by using two standard packs shuffled together (104 cards). Players are dealt seven-card hands, maintained by drawing a new card after each trick until the stock of undealt cards is exhausted.

Rules for Pip-Pip can be found on Howard Fosdick's Cards and Dominoes web site.