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Le Brouc is a point trick game for four players in fixed partnerships, played in the Swiss village of l'Etivaz. A 32-card pack is used with the card values ace=11, ten=10, king=4, queen=3, jack=2. There are extra scores of 20 for the king and queen of a suit together, and 30 for the king-queen-jack of a suit. These scores are doubled to 40 and 60 if the suit is trumps. These K-Q and K-Q-J combinations are scored if they are in the hand of one player, and also by the winner of a trick containing one of these combinations.

The game is played anticlockwise. Eight cards are dealt to each player, in packets of 1, 3 and 4. The last card of the pack, which goes to the dealer, is turned up to show the trump suit.

The player to dealer's right leads to the first trick. Players must follow suit if possible. If a plain suit lead has been trumped, it is illegal to undertrump unless by doing so one creates a K-Q or K-Q-J combination in the trick.

Each team scores points for cards in tricks and combinations; the total is rounded to the nearest 10 (an odd 5 points are rounded up by both sides) and then divided by 10. The first side to reach 31 points wins the game - this can happen in the middle of the play.

A team that takes all eight tricks (cape) wins two additional games.

Further details, including the official rules, can be found on the web site Le Brouc.