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Silicon Valley Tarot

The Silicon Valley Tarot is a modern, spoof Tarot deck published by Steve Jackson Games with the tagline "Cheaper than a consultant. Same Results". It was conceived and created by Thomas Scoville, who also wrote the accompanying book of interpretations.

All the cards in this deck relate to the world of IT and computing.

The suits are Networks, Cubicles, Disks and Hosts, and the court cards - instead of being King, Queen, Knight and Page - are CIO, Marketeer, Salesman and New Hire.

The major arcarna consists of: The Hacker, Venture Capital, The Network, The Consultant, IPO, The Futurist, The Layoff, Spam, The Server, The Stockholder, The Next Big Thing, The CEO, Flame War, Bugs, The Guru, Double Latte, Stock Options, Sea of Cubicles, Encryption, Firewall, El Camino Real, The Sysadmin, and The Garage.

The deck is currently out of print. A deck in used condition last sold on eBay for $227.61.