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Screw Your Neighbour

Type Shedding-type
Players 3+
Skills required Tactics, Communication
Cards 108
Deck Anglo-American
Play Clockwise and Counter-clockwise
Card rank (highest to lowest) A K Q J 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2
Playing time Various
Random chance Medium
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Screw Your Neighbour is a card game. It is an extreme variation of Crazy Eights for three or more players, which becomes everyone as a team playing against everyone as individuals. This happens due to switching hands during play and (sometimes) knowing what your opponent is holding. Table talk about the cards is discouraged. The object is to get rid of all your cards to a discard pile.


Use two 52 card decks plus 4 Jokers. Each player is dealt 8 cards and the rest of the cards are placed face down in the centre of the table. This becomes the draw pile. The top card is turned over to start a discard pile and determine opening suit. The dealer has the option of taking this card and adding it to their hand, then discard any card they chose.

Whether the card is left or a new card is played by the dealer, all special cards apply to this card. If an 8 is turned and left by the dealer, that card's suit will determine suit. If the next card played is a “Switch”, that player will take the next 8 cards and their hand goes to the bottom of the draw pile. If a Joker is turned, the dealer must pick it up, adding to their own hand and may discard any of their own cards to determine rank and suit.

Players discard their cards by matching rank or suit with the top card of the discard pile. If a player is unable to match the rank or suit of the top card of the discard pile and they don't have an 8, they draw a card from the stock pile. If that card is playable, they can discard it. If it is not, play goes to the next person.

If the stock pile runs out of cards, all active cards in the discard pile are removed and the remaining cards in the discard pile are reshuffled and serve as the new stock pile. The first player to get rid of all their cards is the winner.

Special Actions

Special Cards

Note: Queen of spades can be combined with the 2 of Spades in a variation.
Note: Queen of Spades can be combined with the 2 of Spades in a variation.

The Joker may also be used as a Shield. After an opponent plays a 2 or the Queen of Spades, instead of drawing the required cards, a player has the option of discarding a Joker, causing the previous player to draw the required cards. That Joker is then considered a shield only and is not used in increasing the draw amounts. Play continues to the next player as if the Joker were not there.

Additional Rules

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