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Sergey Volkov - chess player

Full name Сергей Викторович Волков
Country Russia
Born 7 February 1974
Saransk, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union
Title Grandmaster (1998)
Peak rating 2659 (July 2007)

Sergey Viktorovich Volkov (Russian: Сергей Викторович Волков; born 7 February 1974 in Saransk) is a Russian chess grandmaster.

He won the Chigorin Memorial in 1998 and in the following year he was joint winner with Alexander Grischuk. Volkov won it again in 2009.

In 2000 Volkov won the Russian Chess Championship in Samara. He finished equal second at the 2002 European Individual Chess Championship in Batumi, eventually placing third behind Bartłomiej Macieja and Mikhail Gurevich on tie-break. He shared victory at the 2005 Rilton Cup with Evgeny Gleizerov and Emanuel Berg. In 2010/11, Volkov took a clear first place with 8/9 in the 40th Rilton Cup.

In 2008 he won the bronze medal at the European Individual Championship for the second time in his career. Volkov came second in the 15th Dubai Open in 2013.

In team chess he has twice represented Russia in major tournaments. At the 1998 Chess Olympiad, while still an International Master, he played for Russia 2 team that finished eighth. At the 1999 European Team Chess Championship, he was played board 2 for the first team, which placed fifth.

For his then club side Mikhail Chigorin of St. Petersburg he contributed to a second-place finish at the European Club Cup, held in Neum in 2000. In the process, he earned himself an individual silver medal and an Elo rating performance of 2743. He has also played in the French Nationale first league.

Sergey Volkov became a grandmaster in 1998 following on from his Olympiad appearance in the same year.

Preceded by
Konstantin Sakaev
Russian Chess Champion
Succeeded by
Alexander Motylev