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Sergei Makarichev

Sergei Makarichev, Amsterdam 1975
Full name Sergei Yuryevic Makarichev
Country Russia
Born November 17, 1953
Moscow, Russia
Title Grandmaster
Peak rating 2550 (January 1991)

Sergei Yuryevic Makarichev (Russian: Серге́й Юрьевич Макарычев; born November 17, 1953) is a Russian chess player, who gained the Grandmaster title in 1976.


Makarichev gained the title of International Master in 1974 and became a Grandmaster in 1976. His highest FIDE rating was 2550 in January 1991, which places him 84th in the world at that time. His best world ranking was 61st, in July 1983. He has not been an active player since July 1999.

Makarichev is a noted chess trainer. He was Anatoly Karpov's second in the 1985 World Championship, Garry Kasparov's second in the 1993 PCA World Championship, and became a FIDE Senior Trainer in 2007. Alongside his wife, he has also presented chess programs on the Russian channel NTV Plus Sport.

Notable tournament results