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Oscar Quiñones - chess player

Oscar Carillo Quiñones (born 14 January 1941, Lima) is a Peruvian chess master.

He took 9th at Lima 1959 (Borislav Ivkov and Luděk Pachman won), finished 15th at Mar del Plata 1961 (Miguel Najdorf won), tied for third through fifth place at Fortaleza 1963 (zonal, Héctor Rossetto won) and won at Rio de Janeiro 1964 (zonal playoff), finished in 20th place at Amsterdam 1964 (interzonal).

He took fifth place at Santiago de Chile 1965 (Vasily Smyslov won), tied for 11-13th at Rio Hondo 1966 (zonal), tied for 11-12th at São Paulo 1972 (zonal, Henrique Mecking won), took 11th at Camaguey 1974 (11th Capablanca Memorial, B tournament, Raymond Keene won), tied for 5-7th at Cienfuegos 1976 (13th Capablanca Memorial, C tournament).

Quinones played for Peru in Chess Olympiads:

He was awarded the International Master title in 1963.