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Nava Starr

Nava Starr (Shterenberg) 1982 Interzonal tournament Bad Kissingen

Nava (Sterenberg) Starr (born Riga, Latvia, April 4, 1949) is one of the top female chess players in Canada. She is an eight-time Canadian Ladies' champion, and a Women's International Master (WIM). She has represented Canada 12 times in chess Olympiads, and six times in World Championships.

Biography, chess achievements and style

Starr was born in Latvia and currently lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She is married to Sasha Starr, and has one married daughter, Regina and two grandchildren, Mathew and Naomi. Sasha Starr is also a Master-strength player.

Starr's chess style is sharp, offensive and always looking for combinations. She favours sharp and unusual openings, such as the Grand Prix Attack (Sicilian), b3 in the French, f5 variation in the Ruy Lopez, the Philidor Defence as Black, and many others. She received the WIM title by winning her first Ladies' Canadian Chess Championship in 1978 in Victoria, British Columbia. The best players she has defeated are: Pia Cramling (Sweden), Milunka Lazarević (Former Yugoslavia), Barbara Hund (Switzerland) and Roman Pelts (Canada). Starr wrote an article in En Passant magazine dealing with the reasons "Why men are superior to women in chess".

Major tournament and match results

Totals in Olympiad play for Canada: 141 games (all-time Canadian women's record), +71 =41 −29, for 64.9 per cent.

Notable chess games