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Lidia Semenova

Interzonal Tournament in Bad Kissingen 1982
Full name Лидия Семёнова
Country Soviet Union
Born November 22, 1951
Kiev, Soviet Union
Title Woman Grandmaster

Lidia K Semenova (born November 22, 1951) is a Ukrainian chess Woman Grandmaster.


In 1978, she won Women's Soviet Chess Championship. In 1981, she tied for 1st-4th in Leningrad (zonal). In 1982, she took 2nd in Bad Kissingen (interzonal; Nona Gaprindashvili won). In 1983, she beat Margareta Muresan 5,5 : 4,5 in Bad Kissingen (quarterfinal match), and beat Nana Ioseliani 5,5 : 4,5 in Sochi (semifinal match). In 1984, Semenova lost in her bid for the Women's World Championship to Irina Levitina 5 : 7 in Sochi (final match).

Semenova won three gold medals at the Chess Olympiad in Thessaloniki 1984 (team, individual at fourth board and individual rating).

In 1986, she tied for 4-5th in Malmo (Candidates Tournament; Elena Akhmilovskaya won). In 1987, she tied for 3rd-4th in Tuzla (interzonal; Nana Ioseliani won), and lost a play-off match to Agnieszka Brustman 1 : 4. She tied for 12-18th at Jakarta 1993 (interzonal; Ketevan Arakhamia won), and 10-16th at Kishinev 1995 (interzonal; Arakhamia won).

Semenova was awarded the WGM title in 1982.