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Dawid Daniuszewski

Dawid Daniuszewski (1885-1944) was a Polish chess master.


In 1906, he finished 2nd, behind Akiba Rubinstein, in Łódź. In 1907, he again finished 2nd, behind Rubinstein, and ahead of Gersz Rotlewi and Gersz Salwe in Łódź (Quadrangular). In 1907/08, he took 10th in Łódź (the 5th All-Russian Masters' Tournament; Rubinstein won). In 1909, he tied for 1st-2nd with Rotlewi in Łódź. In 1909, he tied for 4-6th in Saint Petersburg (All-Russian Amateur Tournament; Alexander Alekhine won). In 1912, he took 6th in Łódź (Efim Bogoljubov won).

The period from 1915 to 1921 he spent in Russia. In 1920, he tied for 9-10th in Moscow (1st USSR Championship) won by Alekhine. Then he returned to Poland, and lived in Łódź where he took 2nd behind Jakub Kolski in 1922/23 and tied for 1st-2nd with Gottesdiener in 1924. The same year, he took 3rd in Warsaw (Quadrangular; Gottesdiener won) and represented Poland at 1st unofficial Chess Olympiad in Paris (+6 -4 =3). In 1927, he took 10th in Łódź at the 2nd Polish Championship which was won by Rubinstein.

At the end of his life, Daniuszewski played with Dr. Salomon Szapiro in the Lodz Ghetto on February 9, 1944. Daniuszewki died in 1944, the details of his death and the exact date are not known.

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