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Grigoriy Oparin

Grigoriy Oparin at the WChJ in Athens 2012
Full name Grigoriy Oparin
Country Russia
Born July 1, 1997
Munich, Germany
Title Grandmaster
Peak rating 2571 (May 2015)

Grigoriy Oparin (Russian: Григорий Опарин; July 1, 1997 in Munich, Germany) is a Russian chess Grandmaster.


Oparin was awarded the Candidate Master title in 2007, when he finished in second place after Kirill Alekseenko at the European Under-10 Championship. He achieved an International Master norm title by finishing second in Mariánské Lázně, Czech Republic. In the spring of 2009 he competed in the Moscow Open, where his rating boosted up to 2350 by the time he turned 12. Later the same year, he achieved another International Master norm and got a score of 9½/14.

He also participated in the Higher League of the Russian Team Championship in the same year and by 2011 held his 4th and 5th IM norms from the Aeroflot Open. In January 2011 he finished 6th at the Marienbad Open in the Czech Republic. In the summer of 2011 he triumphed at both the Czech Open and the Olomouc Open, after he achieved the Grandmaster title at the Chigorin Memorial.

From 2011 to 2012 he scored 4½/7 for his team Rakita at Belgorod, Russia, during the Russian Team Championship. In May 2012 he finished third at the World's Youth Stars and in July of the same year scored 6/9 at the Grandmaster Open in Pardubice. In August of the same year he scored 7½/13 at the World Junior Chess Championship and in October he scored 6/9 at the Chigorin Memorial. In January 2013, he achieved his second Grandmaster norm in the Gibraltar Masters and in the autumn of the same year got finished third at the Trieste Open, scoring 6½/9.

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