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Tianyuan - Go

Tianyuan (Chinese: 天元; Pinyin: Tiān Yuán), literally meaning center or origin of heaven, is the center point on a Go board, i.e., tengen. It is also the name of a Go competition in China, which is the equivalent to the Nihon Ki-in's Tengen in Japan, and the Hanguk Kiwon's Chunwon. The winners of the Tianyuan and the Chunwon go on to play each other, in the annual China-Korea Tengen competition.


Tianyuan competition is sponsored by the Zhongguo Qiyuan, New People's Evening News and New People's Weiqi Monthly Magazine. The preliminaries is a direct knockout while the final is a best of three. The komi is 7.5 points. The winner's purse is 150,000 CY ($24,000).

Past winners and runners-up

Year Winner Score Runner-up
1987 Ma Xiaochun 2-1 Nie Weiping
1988 Liu Xiaoguang 3-2 Ma Xiaochun
1989 Liu Xiaoguang 3-2 Jiang Zhujiu
1990 Liu Xiaoguang 3-2 Qian Yuping
1991 Nie Weiping 3-0 Liu Xiaoguang
1992 Nie Weiping 3-1 Ma Xiaochun
1993 Liu Xiaoguang 3-1 Nie Weiping
1994 Ma Xiaochun 3-0 Liu Xiaoguang
1995 Ma Xiaochun 3-1 Nie Weiping
1996 Ma Xiaochun 3-1 Liu Xiaoguang
1997 Chang Hao 3-1 Ma Xiaochun
1998 Chang Hao 3-2 Wang Lei (Go player)
1999 Chang Hao 3-1 Liu Xiaoguang
2000 Chang Hao 3-1 Dong Yan
2001 Chang Hao 3-0 Ding Wei
2002 Huang Yizhong 2-0 Chang Hao
2003 Gu Li 2-1 Huang Yizhong
2004 Gu Li 2-0 Xie He
2005 Gu Li 2-1 Zhou Heyang
2006 Gu Li 2-1 Zhou Ruiyang
2007 Gu Li 2-1 Liu Shizhen
2008 Gu Li 2-1 Zhou Heyang
2009 Chen Yaoye 2-0 Gu Li
2010 Chen Yaoye 2-1 Gu Li
2011 Chen Yaoye 2-0 Zhou Hexi
2012 Chen Yaoye 2-0 Zhou Hexi
2013 Chen Yaoye 2-0 Gu Lingyi