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The Chunwon (Korean: 천원전, Hanja: 天元戰) is a Go competition in Korea.

The winner of the Chunwon goes on to play the winner of the Chinese equivalent (the Tianyuan), in the annual China-Korea Tengen competition.


The Chunwon Cup is the equivalent to the Tengen in Japan. This tournament replaced the Baccus Cup. The sponsors are Far East Pharmaceuticals and Daily Economic Newspaper. The komi is 6.5 points. The time limits are 5 hours in the final, 4 in the main knockout, and 3 in the preliminaries. The winner's purse is 20,000,000 ($17,000).

Past winners and runners-up

Year Winner Score Runner-up
1996 Yoo Changhyuk 3-2 Cho Hunhyun
1997 Lee Chang-ho 3-0 Choi Myung-Hoon
1998 Lee Chang-ho 3-1 Choi Myung-Hoon
1999 Lee Chang-ho 3-0 Seo Bongsoo
2000 Lee Sedol 3-0 Yoo Jaehung
2001 Pak Yeong-hun 3-1 Yoon Seounghyun
2002 Song Tae Kon 3-2 Cho Hunhyun
2003 Choi Cheol-han 3-1 Won Seung-jin
2004 Choi Choel-han 3-0 An Dalhun
2005 Ko Geuntae 3-2 Pak Yeong-hun
2006 Cho Hanseung 3-1 Lee Sedol
2007 Won Seungjin 1-0 Kang Dongyun
2008 Kang Dongyun 3-2 Lee Sedol
2009 Park Junghwan 3-0 Kim Jiseok
2010 Choi Cheol-han 3-0 Lee Taehyun
2011 Choi Cheol-han 2-1 Yun Junsang
2012 Pak Yeong-hun 2-0 Choi Cheol-han

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