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Ko Geuntae

Ko Geuntae
Full name Ko Geuntae
Hangul 고근태
Hanja 高根台
Revised Romanization Go Geuntae
McCune-Reischauer Ko Kŭnt'ae
Born March 30, 1987
South Korea
Rank 5 dan
Affiliation Hanguk Kiwon

Ko Geuntae (born March 30, 1987) is a Korean professional Go player.


Ko Geuntae won the Chunwon title in 2005. Due to his Chunwon win, he was given an automatic berth into the 19th Fujitsu Cup. He beat top ranked Chinese professional and holder of the LG Cup, Gu Li, in the China-Korea Tengen. Ko won the series two games to one. He is currently 5 dan.


Title Years Held
Current 1
Chunwon 2005
Continental 1
China-Korea Tengen 2006