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Fujitsu Cup

The Fujitsu Cup (富士通杯) is an international Go competition that ran from 1988-2011.


The Fujitsu Cup is an international competition. Fujitsu and Yomiuri Shimbun host the oldest international Go competition. The players are picked as follows:

All 24 players play through preliminaries, until 8 players with the best record are given automatic advancement to the second round. The other 16 play against each other in the first round. The format is a single knockout, with 5.5 komi. The time limit is 3 hours' thinking time, and the winner's purse is 15,000,000 Yen ($142,000). Up until this point, only three people have ever defended their title, Lee Sedol, Cho Hunhyun and Takemiya Masaki. Kang Dongyun was the defending Champion, but lost in the 2010 playoffs in the quarter-finals to Qiu Jun by half a point with the Black stones. The other three semi-finalists are Lee Sedol, Kong Jie and Piao Wenyao. The semifinal and final would be held on the 3rd and 5 July.

In December 2011, the Japanese Go Association announced the permanent closure of the tournament.

Past winners and runners-up

Year Nat. Winner Nat. Runner-up
1988   Takemiya Masaki   Rin Kaiho
1989   Takemiya Masaki   Rin Kaiho
1990   Rin Kaiho   Nie Weiping
1991   Cho Chikun   Qian Yuping
1992   Otake Hideo   O Rissei
1993   Yoo Changhyuk   Cho Hunhyun
1994   Cho Hunhyun   Yoo Changhyuk
1995   Ma Xiaochun   Kobayashi Koichi
1996   Lee Chang-ho   Ma Xiaochun
1997   Kobayashi Koichi   O Rissei
1998   Lee Chang-ho   Chang Hao
1999   Yoo Changhyuk   Ma Xiaochun
2000   Cho Hunhyun   Chang Hao
2001   Cho Hunhyun   Choi Myung-Hoon
2002   Lee Sedol   Yoo Changhyuk
2003   Lee Sedol   Song Tae Kon
2004   Pak Yeong-hun   Yoda Norimoto
2005   Lee Sedol   Choi Cheol-han
2006   Park Jungsang   Zhou Heyang
2007   Pak Yeong-hun   Lee Chang-ho
2008   Gu Li   Lee Chang-ho
2009   Kang Dongyun   Lee Chang-ho
2010   Kong Jie   Lee Sedol
2011   Park Junghwan   Qiu Jun