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Jiang Zhujiu

Jiang Zhujiu
Nickname Jujo
Hangul 장주주
Hanja 江鑄久
Born February 17, 1962
Taiyuan, China
Rank 9 dan
Affiliation Zhongguo Qiyuan (1985-19??)
American Go Association (19??-19??)
Hanguk Kiwon (1999-present)

Jiang Zhujiu (Chinese: 江铸久; born February 17, 1962 in Taiyuan) is a Chinese professional Go player.


Jiang began playing Go when he was 6. In 1982, he was 5 dan, and 1987 he was promoted to 7 dan. Earlier in his career, he competed in some of the top Chinese tournaments. In the National Go Individual, he achieved 4th place on two occasions; in 1983 and 1987. In 1988, he was fifth, and in 1989 he was runner up. In 1986, he became runner up for the New Sports Cup. His biggest feat came in 1989, when he just narrowly lost to Liu Xiaoguang in the final of the Tianyuan, three games to two. In 2003, he won the Maxim Cup, having to beat his wife, Rui Naiwei. He and Rui currently reside in South Korea, and have been competing for the Hanguk Kiwon since 1999.

Past titles & Runner up's

Title Years Held
Current 1
Maxim Cup 2003
Defunct 8
NAMT 1995-2002
Title Years Lost
Current 3
Tianyuan 1989
National Go Individual 1989
New Sports Cup 1986