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Wang Pin

Full name Wang Pin
Country China
Born December 11, 1974
Title Woman Grandmaster (1992)
Peak rating 2506 (October 2000)

Wang Pin (Chinese: 王频; born December 11, 1974) is a Chinese Woman Grandmaster chess player. She is currently the 50th highest rated female player in the world, and she used to be the 6th highest rate female player in January to April 2001. Her peak rating was 2506 in October 2000 to January 2001. In 2002, she became Chinese Women's National Chess Champion.

Wang competed for the China national chess team four times at the Women's Chess Olympiads (1992, 1996-1998, 2002) with an overall record of 35 games played (+14, =15, -6), and once at the Women's Asian Team Chess Championship (1999) with an overall record of 3 games played (+1, =2, -0).

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