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Vladimir Burmakin

Full name Vladimir Burmakin
Country Russia
Born 6 June 1967
Title Grandmaster (1994)
Peak rating 2627 (July 2009)

Vladimir Burmakin (born 6 June 1967) is a Russian chess Grandmaster.

In 1994 he came 3rd-5th in the Russian championship at Elista, with Sergei Rublevsky and Vasily Yemelin (Peter Svidler won, Mikhail Ulibin was second).

Burmakin played a great number of tournaments in Europe, winning or being equal first in the following:

Burmakin is an expert of the Caro-Kann defence, playing it almost invariably in his games against 1. e4; against 1. d4 he usually adopts the Chebanenko Variation of the Slav defence.

His Elo rating at 1 January 2010 is 2590. He reached his peak rating in July 2009, with 2627 points.