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Tibor Károlyi - chess player

Full name Tibor Károlyi
Country Hungary
Born November 15, 1961
Title International Master
Peak rating 2475 (January 1988)

Tibor Károlyi (born November 15, 1961) is a Hungarian chess International Master, International Arbiter (1997), coach, theoretician, and author.

In 1989 he started his coaching career. Among his students were Peter Leko, Judit Polgár, Ildikó Mádl and Jason Goh Koon-Jong.

Károlyi has written numerous theoretical articles for New in Chess, but he is probably best known as author of popular chess books. His book Endgame Virtuoso Anatoly Karpov (co-authored with Nick Aplin) won The Guardian 2007 Chess Book of the Year award.

His handle on the Internet Chess Club is "chesstrainer". His handle on Playchess is "tkarolyi".

Notable chess games