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Stewart Reuben

Country England
Born 14 March 1939
Title FIDE Candidate Master
International Arbiter
FIDE International Organizer

Stewart Reuben (born 14 March 1939) is a British chess player, organiser, arbiter and author. He has also been a professional poker player, been called "one of Britain's foremost poker players" and "one of the best two or three players in England", and written several books on the topic.

Chess career

Reuben has officiated at and/or organised a number of high-level chess events held in Britain and elsewhere, including the world chess championship, and was chief organiser of British Chess Championship Congresses for a number of years. He was the chairman of the British Chess Federation from 1996 to 1999, and is currently Marketing Director of the English Chess Federation. As of 2006, he is chairman of the FIDE Organisers' Committee and a member of other FIDE committees. He holds the FIDE International Arbiter and International Organizer titles.

Reuben is a FIDE candidate master. During the 1993 World Chess Championship Match between Kasparov and Short, he provided some of the live commentary for the audience at the Savoy theatre.


Reuben has authored several books on chess including Chess Openings: Your Choice! and The Chess Organiser's Handbook. He is also the author of several books on poker, including How Good is your Pot-Limit Omaha, How Good is your Pot Limit Hold'Em?, Poker 24/7: 35 years as a Poker Pro, and Starting Out in Poker. Reuben also co-authored Pot-Limit and No-limit Poker with Bob Ciaffone, which Mason Malmuth called "the best information ever put out on these games". His teaching book Play Like a Pro was translated into French as Jouez comme les pros in 2007, and then recommended by the French travel guide publisher Petit Futé for French visitors to Las Vegas.



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