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Sergey Lebedev - chess player

Sergey Fedorovich Lebedev (Russian: Серге́й Фёдорович Лебедев; January 1868 - December 1942) was a Russian chess master.

S.F. Lebedev lived in Saint Petersburg before World War I, during and after the war (Petrograd, Leningrad). He took 4th at Moscow 1899 (the 1st All-Russian Masters' Tournament, Mikhail Chigorin won), took 3rd at St. Petersburg 1900 (Chigorin and Alexander Levin won), tied for 8-10th at Moscow 1900/01 (the 2nd RUS-ch won by Chigorin), thrice won, jointly with Grigory Helbach (1), ahead of Abkin (2), and ahead of Emmanuel Schiffers (3) in St. Petersburg in 1901, and tied for 9-10th in the Kiev 1903 chess tournament (the 3rd RUS-ch, Chigorin won).

He shared 2nd with Simon Alapin, behind Sergey von Freymann, in 1907, won (Quadrangular) in 1908, tied for 7-8th (All-Russian Amateur Tournament, Alexander Alekhine won) in 1909, tied for 1st-3rd with Freymann and Grigory Levenfish in 1910, took 15th (the 8th All-Russian Masters' Tournament (RUS-ch), Alekhine and Aron Nimzowitsch won) in 1913/14, all played in St. Petersburg.

After the war, he tied for 11-13th at Petrograd 1923 (the 2nd USSR Chess Championship, Peter Romanovsky won).