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Scott Wastney

Scott Wastney receiving the NZ Chess Championship Silver Rook trophy in 2013
Country New Zealand
Born 1970
New Zealand
Title FIDE Master
Peak rating 2350 (Feb 2013)

Scott Wastney (born 1970, New Zealand) is a chess FIDE Master (FM).

Chess career

Wastney has represented New Zealand in four Chess Olympiads between 1996 and 2002. His best result was at the 34th Chess Olympiad in Istanbul 2000 when he scored 6/9, finishing in 10th place on the 2nd reserve board.

Wastney won the New Zealand Chess Championship in Waitakere City 2000/01 and in Wellington 2013.

Wastney scored 5.5/9, finishing 5th, in the Oceania Zonal Chess Championship on the Gold Coast, Queensland in 2001, and was awarded the FIDE Master (FM) title for his result.

Notable games