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Mirjana Marić

Full name Mirjana Marić
Мирјана Марић
Country Serbia
Born January 10, 1970
New York, USA
Title Woman Grandmaster
Peak rating 2333 (July 2000)

Mirjana Marić (Serbian Cyrillic: Мирјана Марић ; born January 10, 1970 in New York, USA) is a Serbian chess player, who holds the FIDE title of Woman Grandmaster (WGM), living in Belgrade, capital of Serbia (former Yugoslavia). She has a dual Serbian and US citizenship.

Mirjana Marić was introduced to chess at the age of four, together with her 20-minutes-older twin sister Alisa Marić. Alisa and Mirjana are the only twins with grandmaster titles in the history of modern chess.

At an early age Mirjana Marić shared 1-3 place in the World Youth Chess Championship U16 in France 1984 (bronze medal), and won the same competition in Israel in 1985.

Mirjana was twice Yugoslav Chess Champion, sharing first place with Suzana Maksimovic in 1991. and winning alone in 1993. She played three times for Yugoslavia on Chess Olympiads, in Novi Sad 1991 (2nd team), in Moscow 1994 and Yerevan 1996.

FIDE has awarded her with WIM title in 1988. and with WGM title in 1992.

In the World championship cycles she played on Interzonal tournaments in Subotica 1991 and Jakarta 1993.

She graduated in mathematics at Belgrade University and married international master Zoran Stamenkovic. After 2000 Mirjana Marić has played occasionally, mainly in team events. After a long pause she played in the Serbian women's championship in Pancevo in 2007, and came fourth of 12 participants.