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Martyn Kravtsiv

Country Ukraine
Born 26 November 1990
Lviv, Ukrainian SSR, Soviet Union
Title Grandmaster (2009)

Martyn Kravtsiv (Ukrainian: Мартин Кравців; born 26 November 1990 in Lviv) is a Ukrainian chess grandmaster (2009).

In 2006, he was a member of the Ukrainian national youth team, which won the U-16 Chess Olympiad in Turkey. His major success has been the 2008 World Mind Sports Games (Beijing) gold medal in the Men's Individual Blitz. In 2010, he tied for 1st-6th with Dmitry Kokarev, Alexey Dreev, Maxim Turov, Baskaran Adhiban and Aleksej Aleksandrov in the 2nd Orissa Open tournament in Bhubaneshwar. Kravtsiv tied for 1st-5th with Pendyala Harikrishna, Parimarjan Negi, Tornike Sanikidze and Tigran Gharamian in the Cappelle-la-Grande Open 2012. He tied for first in the 2015 Ukrainian Chess Championship held in Lviv with Andrei Volokitin and Zahar Efimenko, finishing second on tiebreak.