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Liu Shilan

Liu Shilan, Malta 1980
Full name Liu Shilan
Country China
Born January 24, 1962
Title Woman Grandmaster (WGM)
Peak rating 2260 (July 1990)

Liu Shilan (Chinese: 刘适兰; born January 24, 1962) is a Chinese female chess player who holds the WGM title, which she received in 1982. She was seven-times China National Women's Champion (1979-81, 1983-6).

In 1982, Liu came third at the World Chess Championship Interzonal Tournament in Tbilisi with a final score of 9/14. In 1983, she qualified for the Candidates Tournament but lost her quarterfinal match held in Velden to Nana Ioseliani 6-3 (+1, =4, -4). Later, she competed in two further Interzonal Tournaments (1985 Zeleznovodsk, finishing 14th with 4½/15; and 1987 Tuzla, finishing 10th with 8½/17.)

Liu competed for the China women's national chess team; five times at the Chess Olympiads (1980-1988) with an overall record of 68 total games played (+25, =27, -16). She had the second best performance rating and won a bronze medal for first board at the 27th Chess Olympiad in Dubai, 1986.

She reached her highest FIDE rating of 2260 in July 1990.

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