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Lev Aptekar

Lev Isaakovich Aptekar (born November 26, 1936 in Kiev, USSR) is a Jewish Soviet-New Zealand chess master, coach and writer.

He finished 15th in the Kiev championship of 1963. In the middle of the 1970s, he left the Soviet Union for New Zealand. In 1975/76, he shared first with Murray Chandler and Ortvin Sarapu in the 83rd New Zealand Championships in Upper Hutt. In 1976/77, he finished 6th in Auckland (84th NZL-ch, Sarapu won). In 1979/80, he finished 6th in Upper Hutt (87th NZL-ch, Sarapu, Small and Green won). In 1980/81, he tied for 7-9th in Christchurch (88th NZL-ch, Sarapu, Small and Nokes won). In December 2011 he moved to Sydney, Australia.

Aptekar represented New Zealand in two Chess Olympiads:

He was also the national chess coach for the 1990 Olympiad in Novi Sad.

Books written by Lev Aptekar: