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Krzysztof Jakubowski

Krzysztof Jakubowski in 2014 (Warsaw)
Country Poland
Born 23 September 1983
Łomża, Poland
Title Grandmaster (2009)
Peak rating 2565 (01.08.2015)

Krzysztof Jakubowski (born 23 September 1983) is a Polish chess Grandmaster (2009).

Chess career

Krzysztof Jakubowski is a multiple medalist of the Polish Junior Chess Championship: silver in 1993 (U10), 2002 (U20), bronze in 1995 (U12), 2000 (U18), 2001 (U18). He also won medals in the Polish Junior Team Chess Championship and Polish Junior Rapid Chess Championship. In 1999 Krzysztof Jakubowski won silver medal in European Youth Chess Championship (U16) in Greece. Several times participated in the Polish Chess Championship finals. Krzysztof Jakubowski has also competed successfully in several Polish Team Chess Championships (individual gold in 2008, and team silver in 2000, 2001).In 2001 won Swiss-system tournament in Avilés. In 2005 won B tournament in Gausdal. In 2006 won tournament in Brno. In 2014 shared 2nd place (with Andrey Vovk, behind Aleksander Miśta) in Banca Feroviara Open in Arad.