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Klaudia Kulon

Klaudia Kulon, Warsaw 2014
Country Poland
Born 13 March 1992
Koszalin, Poland
Title Woman Grandmaster (2014)
Peak rating 2378 (October 2014)

Klaudia Kulon (born 13 March 1992) is a Polish chess player who holds the title of Woman Grandmaster. She won the U12 Girls' World Championship in 2004, the U14 Girls' World Championship in 2006, the Women's World University Championship in 2014.

Chess career

Chess career began at the age of 7 in Koszalin University of Technology chess club and, in a short time, reaching a number of successes in chess. From 2002 Klaudia several times won Polish Junior Championships in different age categories. In 2008 she was the runner up behind Nazí Paikidze in the European Youth Chess Championship under the age of 16. In Polish Blitz Chess Championship Klaudia won gold medal (2006), twice silver medals (2009, 2012) and bronze medal (2013). In 2007 she appeared for the first time in the final Polish Women's Chess Championship's in Barlinek and take 7th place. In 2012 she won a FIDE Women International Master (WIM) norm at the World Junior Chess Championship.

In 2014 Klaudia won Polish Students Women's Chess Championship in Katowice, as well as a bronze medal in the Polish Women's Chess Championship's in Warsaw and gold medal in Polish Women's Individual Championship in rapid chess in Trzcianka and two gold medals (in the classification of women and the team classification) in World University Chess championships in Katowice. Also in 2014 she won the 4th Memorial of Krystyna Hołuj-Radzikowska in Wroclaw. In 2015 Klaudia the second time in a row won the gold medal in Polish Students Women's Chess Championship.

Klaudia Kulon played for Poland in European Girls' U18 Team Chess Championship:

Klaudia Kulon played for Poland in European Team Chess Championship:

Klaudia Kulon played for Poland in Women's Chess Olympiads:

Klaudia Kulon played for Poland in World Team Chess Championships: