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Karol Piltz

Karol Piltz (1903-1939) was a Polish chess master.

He played for Poland in 1st unofficial Chess Olympiad at Paris 1924, tied for 3rd-7th in the 1st Polish Chess Championship at Warsaw 1926 (Dawid Przepiórka won), and tied for 17-18th at Jurata 1937 (4th POL-ch, Savielly Tartakower won).

Piltz, along with other members of the Warsaw team (Abram Blass, Rafał Feinmesser, Paulin Frydman, Stanisław Kohn, Leon Kremer, Henryk Pogorieły) won a gold medal in the 1st Polish Team Championship at Królewska Huta 1929.

He died during the siege of Warsaw in September 1939.