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Jonny Hector

Full name Jonny Hector
Country Sweden
Born February 13, 1964
Malmö , Sweden
Title Grandmaster
ICCF Grandmaster (1999)
Peak rating 2590 (October 2002)

Jonny Hector (born 13 February 1964) is a Swedish chess grandmaster.

Born in Malmö, Sweden, Hector has lived in Denmark for many years. He learned chess at the relatively late age of 14, but quickly became a very strong player. In 1987 he was equal first in the strong Cappelle-la-Grande open (with Anthony Kosten and Anatoly Vaisser).

In 2002 he won the Swedish championship at Skara. In 2012, tied for 1st-3rd with Ivan Sokolov and Ivan Cheparinov in the Politiken Cup in Copenhagen, Denmark.

He has an aggressive attacking style, and is known for playing unusual chess openings. He is also an International Grandmaster of Correspondence Chess (1999).