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Igor Novikov - chess player

Igor A. Novikov (born May 23, 1962) is a chess grandmaster and former Ukrainian chess champion. He has American citizenship and is currently registered with the US Chess Federation who lists him as one of their top players. In October 2008, he had an Elo rating of 2560 and achieved a career highest rating of 2614 in July 1999. He has been listed seven times on the FIDE top 100 chess players in the world.

While living in Brooklyn he won the Marshall Chess Club Championship in 2002. In the United States he has won first place in New York Smartchess International I and II, the 2003 20th Sands Regency Western States Open, the 2003 National Chess Congress, and the 2004 UTD Grand Master Invitational Chess Tournament, while he tied for first at the 1999 World Open, the Chicago Open (2005 and 1998), and at the Foxwoods Open (1999 and 2001). Through his teaching of chess theory he has helped hundreds of chess students in Ukraine and the United States, including International Masters Irina Krush and Alex Lenderman. In Ukraine, during 1988, he taught the under 21 team with International Master Igor Foygel. In 1985, he shared a team medal with his Russian team and won an individual medal playing on 4th board at the World Youth Tournament U26 Team Chess Championship.