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Heinz Nowarra

Heinz Nowarra (1897-1945) was a German chess master.

He tied for 4-6th in Berlin City Chess Championship in 1938 (Kurt Richter won), shared 1st with Berthold Koch and Paul Mross at Berlin 1938 (GER-ch qual), tied for 15-16th at Bad Oeynhausen 1938 (the 5th GER-ch, Erich Eliskases won), tied for 9-10th at Berlin 1939 (Franz Mölbitz won), and took 10th at Berlin 1940 (Efim Bogoljubow won),

During World War II, he played in several tournaments in General Government (occupied central Poland). He took 5th in 1941 (dr Walcker won) and 2nd, behind Mross, in 1942 in Kraków City championships, tied for 10-12th at Kraków/Warsaw 1941 (the 2nd General Government-ch, Alexander Alekhine and Paul Felix Schmidt won), tied for 7-8th at Krynica 1943 (the 4th GG-ch, Josef Lokvenc won), took 7th at Radom 1944 (the 5th GG-ch, Bogoljubow won), and took 5th in Kraków in May 1944 (Rudolf Teschner won).

Nowarra took also part in correspondence chess tournaments. In December 1944, his game against Klaus Junge had to be interrupted as a draw, when Junge left for the front. As Luděk Pachman wrote, Nowarra shared probably the fate of his opponent, who died in the final days of World War II. Until today, there are no news about what occurred to Nowarra.