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Gyula Sax

Gyula Sax in 1979
Full name Gyula Sax
Country Hungary
Born 18 June 1951
Budapest, Hungary
Title Grandmaster (1974)
Peak rating 2610 (January 1988)

Gyula Sax (June 18, 1951 - January 25, 2014) was a Hungarian chess grandmaster and International Arbiter (1995).

Sax was awarded the IM title in 1972 and the GM title in 1974. He was the Hungarian Chess Champion in 1976 and 1977 (jointly). In 1971-72, Sax was the European Junior Champion, and he placed first at Rovinj-Zagreb 1975, Vinkovci 1976, Las Palmas 1978 and Amsterdam 1979. He won the 1978 Canadian Open Chess Championship and the strong Lugano Open in 1984.

Gyula Sax participated twice in a row in the Candidates Tournament after qualifying at the Subotica Interzonal in 1987 and at the Manila Interzonal in 1990 respectively but was eliminated in the Candidates in 1988 by Nigel Short (+0=3−2) and in 1991 after extra-time by then sixty years old Viktor Korchnoi (+1=6-1; +0 =1-1 rapid chess). His highest Elo rating was 2610 in January 1988 and again in January 1989, with his best world ranking on position 12 shared in the (half-year-list) January to June 1989.

Judit Polgár paid tribute to him shortly after his death:

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