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Evgeny Postny

Evgeny Postny, 2008
Full name Evgeny Postny
Country Israel
Born July 3, 1981
Title Grandmaster
Peak rating 2674 (October 2008)

Evgeny Postny (born July 3, 1981) is an Israeli chess grandmaster.

Junior success

As a junior player, he scored very well in international competitions such as the World and European Championships, taking three major medals;

In the space of two weeks, the 18-year-old Postny won the 2001 Junior (under 20) Championship of Israel, won the National Open Championship, got his first grandmaster norm and received prize money totalling $3,500.

International tournaments

At a senior level, he has continued to enjoy success in international tournaments, with outright or shared wins occurring at;

He was at the second place in the International chess tournament Open Teplice 2015 in Czech republic.