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Elina Danielian

Full name Էլինա Դանիելյան
Country Armenia
Born August 16, 1978
Baku, Azerbaijan SSR, Soviet Union
Title Grandmaster
Peak rating 2521 (July 2011)

Elina Danielian (Armenian: Էլինա Դանիելյան; born August 16, 1978 in Baku) is an Armenian chess grandmaster and six times Armenian Women's champion. She has represented Armenia ten times in Women's Chess Olympiads (1992-2010). She played in the gold medal-winning Armenian Women's team in the 5th European Team Chess Championship in Plovdiv 2003. In March 2011, she was tied for first place in the FIDE Women's Grand Prix 2009-2011 tournament in Doha, Qatar. She won the bronze medal in the European Individual Chess Championship in Tbilisi, scoring 8/11 points.
She is married to a Dutchman and lives in the Netherlands.