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Eduard Glass

Eduard (Esra) Glass (born 1902 - died after 1980) was an Austrian chess master.

He won at Vienna 1927, and shared 1st with Erich Eliskases at Innsbruck 1929 (Austrian Chess Championship). He played several times in the Trebitsch Memorial in Vienna.

Glass represented Austria in the 5th Chess Olympiad at Folkestone 1933. In April 1935, he tied for 3rd-5th in Tel Aviv (the 2nd Maccabiah Games, Abram Blass won). He tied for 8-10th at Budapest 1936 (Mieczysław Najdorf and Lajos Steiner won). After Anschluss in 1938, he moved to China, and living in the Shanghai Ghetto survived the World War II.

After the war, he took 15th at Marianske Lazne 1959 (Lev Polugaevsky won), and took 5th at Reggio Emilia 1960/61.