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Dronavalli Harika

Full name Dronavalli Harika
Country India
Born 12 January 1991
Guntur district, Andhra Pradesh, India
Title Grandmaster (2011)
Woman Grand Master (2004)
Peak rating 2528 (October 2014)
Dronavalli Harika
Medal record
Women's Chess
  Women's World Chess Championship 2015 (knock-out) Individual
Asian Games
  2010 Guangzhou Individual

Dronavalli Harika (born 12 January 1991) is an Indian chess grandmaster.

She gradually came to prominence winning the World Youth Chess Championship in the Girls' Under-14 and Under-18 categories. In 2011 she won the Asian Individual Women Chess Championship. Her personal coach is N.V.S. Raju. Harika earned the Grandmaster title in July 2011. Vladimir Kramnik, Judit Polgar and Viswanathan Anand are her chess heroes. She was a student of Sri Venkateswara Bala Kuteer, guntur, A.P