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Chakkravarthy Deepan

Full name Chakkravarthy Deepan
Country India
Born June 3, 1987
Title Grandmaster
Peak rating 2524 (September 2009)

Chakkravarthy Deepan (born June 3, 1987) is an Indian chess Grandmaster (2006).

In 2004 he tied for 2nd-4th with Praveen Thipsay and Saidali Iuldachev in the Piloo Mody International Open in Lucknow. In 2009 he tied for 5th-10th with Andrei Deviatkin, Georgy Timoshenko, Sundar Shyam, Saidali Iuldachev and Shukhrat Safin in the Mumbai Mayor Cup and came fourth in the Indian Chess Championship.

On the May 2011 FIDE list his Elo rating is 2470. His handle on the Internet Chess Club is "macia".