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Arthur Wijnans

Euwe (left) against Wijnans (1942)
Full name Arthur Joseph Wijnans
Country Netherlands
Born July 21, 1920
Padang, Indonesia

Arthur Joseph Wijnans (born 21 July 1920, Padang, Indonesia, died 3 May 1945, Neustadt in Holstein) was a Dutch chess player, study composer and member of the Dutch resistance against the Germans in World War II.

He took 3rd in Dutch Chess Championship in 1939, took 4th at Beverwijk 1940 (the 3rd Hoogovens, won by Max Euwe), won at Beverwijk 1941 (the 4th Hoogovens), and shared 2nd, after Arnold van den Hoek, at Beverwijk 1943 (the 6th Hoogovens). At the end of World War II, he and other winner at Beverwijk, van den Hoek, were transferred to Germany. Wijnans went to Neuengamme concentration camp. He was killed during the allied bombardment of the Cap Arcona on 3 May 1945.