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Anna Rudolf

Full name Anna Rudolf
Country Hungary
Born November 12, 1987
Miskolc, Hungary
Title International master
Woman Grandmaster
Peak rating 2393 (July 2010)

Anna Rudolf (born November 12, 1987 in Miskolc, Hungary) is a Hungarian chess player. In 2008, 2010 and 2011 she won the Hungarian Women Chess Championship.

Lip balm controversy

Rudolf attracted attention during the Vandoeuvre Open in December 2007, where she defeated the top seed Christian Bauer, finished ninth and scored WGM and IM norms. Following her good results in the initial rounds of the tournament, three players - Oleg Krivonosov, Vladimir Lazarev and Ilmārs Starostīts - accused her of cheating, saying that a "secret internet connection was transmitting the best moves with the help of Anna's lip balm." In the final round Rudolf had to play Starostīts who refused to shake hands with her. After the tournament, the Hungarian Chess Federation protested against the "unethical behavior" of the three accusers and asked the FIDE Ethics Commission to examine the case.

Notable games

a b c d e f g h
7 7
6 6
5 5
4 4
3 3
2 2
1 1
a b c d e f g h
Position after 35...Nxe4

GM Christian Bauer vs. Anna Rudolf, Vandoeuvre 2007; Sokolsky Opening (ECO A00)
1.b4 e5 2.a3 d5 3.Bb2 Nd7 4.e3 Bd6 5.c4 dxc4 6.Bxc4 Ngf6 7.Nf3 0-0 8.Qc2 b6 9.d3 Bb7 10.Nbd2 a6 11.0-0 b5 12.Bb3 Rc8 13.d4 exd4 14.exd4 Bd5 15.Bxd5 Nxd5 16.Ne4 N7b6 17.Rad1 c6 18.Nc5 Ra8 19.Rfe1 Qc7 20.g3 h6 21.Nh4 Rfd8 22.Bc1 Bf8 23.Nf5 a5 24.bxa5 Rxa5 25.Qe2 Raa8 26.Qg4 Kh8 27.Qh4 Re8 28.Kg2 Qd8 29.Rxe8 Qxe8 30.Qg4 Nf6 31.Qf3 Nbd5 32.g4 Bxc5 33.dxc5 Qe4 34.h3 Kg8 35.Qxe4 Nxe4 (see diagram) 36.Bb2 f6 37.Nd4 Nxc5 38.Nxc6 Nf4+ 39.Kf3 Nfd3 40.Bd4 Rxa3 41.Be3 b4 42.Rb1 b3 43.Nb4 b2 44.Nc2 Rc3 45.Nd4 Kf7 46.Ke2 Na4 47.Kd1 Rc4 48.Ne2 Ke6 49.Kd2 Nb4 50.Kd1 Kd5 51.f3 Na2 52.Bd2 Rc7 53.h4 Kc4 54.Kc2 Nb4+ 55.Kd1 Kb3 56.Nc1+ Rxc1+ 57.Rxc1 bxc1=Q+ 58.Kxc1 Nc3 59.Be3 Ncd5 60.Bd2 Kc4 61.g5 hxg5 62.hxg5 f5 63.Kd1 Kd3 64.Bc1 Nc2 65.Bb2 g6 0-1