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Ameet Ghasi

Full name Ameet K Ghasi
Country England
Title International master
Peak rating 2475 (June 2014)

Ameet Ghasi (born 1987) is an English chess player.

In 2000, at the age of 13, Ghasi shared the British Rapidplay Chess Championship title with Aaron Summerscale becoming the youngest ever winner. He was once considered one of the brightest prospects on the chess circuit, but Ghasi put his chess career on hold to further his academic studies. His twin brother, Sumeet Ghasi, is also a strong player.

Ghasi completed his Biochemistry degree at The University of Birmingham and currently works for the National Audit Office as a trainee accountant, hoping to gain his ACA qualification during 2012.

In August 2011, he decided, after many years of absence, to return to the game to seek the title of Grandmaster and during a competition in Sunningdale, took one step closer to gaining the International Master title by winning eight games in a row.

In March 2012, Ghasi won the 2012 British Blitz Championship with 9/11 beating Robert Wilmoth in the final round.

Ghasi has now completed his ACA qualification and is working for Deloitte LLP within the Audit Advisory department as an assistant manager.